3hunno Nicolai - They Call Him Citgo

Made a fake movie trailer w/ a few friends for a local competition. Had to be called the librarian and include in some capacity action, a prison, a wrestler and knitting. We did our best, basically got *drake voice* honorable mentionnn.

ideas rejected before we settled on this one, mostly for budgetary, timing reasons: 

The Libraryan - about a somewhat milder nazi on a schindler’s list type mission to save books from being burnt. 

The Lib(ertine Ag)rarian - a medieval tale about a shire at odds with a debaucherous farmer. 

Idk why but my dorky delivery almost goes into migos flow at like 24 seconds.



the other 2 chainz

florida water

idk how 2 use okc 

jafar panahi walks into the room 

"dog, could you put on the news?"


*peace sells kicks in*

The part in Black Girl where the rich white woman yells at the titular character to come out of the bathroom and be a maid is as terrifying as the “Here’s Johnny” scene in the The Shining.

fabo’d states - u don’t hurt like me

hi, mom

tbturner classic movies

phresh faceoff the runway

operation punkadiddle

I swear 2 quan, I will never stop making these

I swear 2 quan, I will never stop making these

my tank be unruly